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At Learning Wonderland Preschool, we aim to make learning and education something that your children look forward to, and have fun doing each and every day. We believe that going to school doesn’t have to be something children dreads, instead, we make Learning Wonderland Preschool a happy place to learn! Our students will benefit from a variety of preschool activities that will enrich their lives and help mold their minds. A young age is the time to get your child excited about learning, and our preschool can do that for them.

about-2Our Preschool’s Mission statement

The mission at our preschool is to provide a learning experience for children in a safe, warm and loving environment, where children will develop socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually. With a rich educational environment and an individualized approach in our early childhood development programs, we can lead your child to build self-confidence and lead our children to their success in academic achievements and lives.

Program Philosophy

The philosophy of our early childhood development programs is to provide:


  • Caring, loving and safe atmosphere;
  • Rich educational curriculum and individualized approach;
  • A balanced combination of studying and playing;
  • Different types of additional learning experiences like art, dancing, and athletic activities.

Our approach leads to:

  • Social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development;
  • Opportunities to open and develop children’s skills and interests;
  • Grow self-confidence of our children;
  • Grow strong and successful personalities with love for learning.

If you’re interested in enriching your child’s life with fun and education preschool activities, feel free to contact our preschool. We offer free consultations and tours so call us now!

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