When it comes to making the best decisions for your child, it’s important that you start early. Every decision you make regarding your child could end up affecting them for the rest of their life, and if you’re making the best decisions from the get-go, then this is a great thing. It is for this reason that parents continue to choose Leaning Wonderland as their child’s preschool.

It’s one thing to send your child to preschool, and quite another to provide them with the means to a flourishing education. Being in the childcare and education industry, we believe in not only providing you child with an early education but providing them with a stable foundation setting them up for a bright future.

As a parent, it’s critical that you wisely choose the daycare your child goes to. Giving them the core essentials they need for a wonderful education not only benefits them now but for the rest of their lives.

Learning Wonderland Preschool combines the best team of professionals and a rich educational environment to make for an excellent preschool experience for your child. Our preschool activities are different from many other schools in that we believe in using an individualized approach to emphasize self-confidence and success in academic achievements and in our student’s lives.

What Our School Has To Offer

kids-2At Learning Wonderland Preschool, we provide care for a wide range of children between the ages of one to five, as well as school age children up to 10 years old. While in our care, we will provide your child with food and a clean and safe environment as well as fun preschool activities. As an Apple-accredited school, we take great pride in being your choice for your child’s educational start.

Each classroom has a small child-to-teacher ratio, and every teacher on our staff has their necessary credentials (and many are bilingual), so you can rest assured your child is safe and learning when in their care at all times. We also offer a unique “Watch Me Grow” program so parents can monitor their child on a secure webcam, allowing them to stay connected with their child throughout the day.

Whether you’re looking for a place for your child to practice extracurricular preschool activities or a classroom for them to learn, Learning Wonderland Preschool wants to be your stepping stone towards a wonderful education.

Why Choose Learning Wonderland Daycare:


  • Clean, safe, and warm environment
  • Watch your children on a secure website
  • Certified Teachers with Credentials
  • Small teachers-children ratios
  • Very strong educational program
  • Most of the teachers are bilingual
  • Hot Meals are included
  • We are accredited
  • Extra Curriculum activities

If you’re looking for a daycare that offers fun preschool activities that teach your child valuable skills in educational and social aspects, then don’t hesitate to call us here at Learning Wonderland Daycare.

See What Parents Say

“I am truly thankful for everything. An outstanding job everyday with my daughter and all the kids.
The school is very clean & organized. It was a pleasure to have put my daughter in Learning Wonderland.”
-Arlen V.
“Oh my God! Everything perfect. I love Learning Wonderland”
-Christian Gonzalez
“Keep up the great job.
You are the best!!
We love you!!”
-Laine Rodriguez
“I really enjoy this school year and its a great place to bring the kids.
The staff were so nice also.
Thank you for everything”
-Alejandra Toledo
“This is Soheila’s dad and I have to say that my daughter loves Ms. Mar & enjoys her teaching.
I am very happy with my daughters progress and thankful for Ms. Mar’s teaching style.
Ms. Mar, you are the best and we will miss you.
Thank you very much for all your help.”
-S. Ebrahimi
El programa de VPK al que asistió nuestra niña fue una experiencia única por todo lo que trajo consigo, pues nuestra niña se divirtió mucho aprendiendo, las maestras son profesionales, amables y cariñosas con nuestras hijas, estamos satisfechos…
-Benito Arias
Miss Mar is the Best Teacher. She is really teaching a lot.
-Margaret Shanklin
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