Our Preschool Curriculum

paint-1Here at Learning Wonderland Preschool, we implement a play-based learning framework of Creative Curriculum® for Preschool. This preschool curriculum is a comprehensive system of learning based on the research and knowledge of all areas in child development. Those systems include social and emotional, physical, cognitive, and language development.

Our kindergarten readiness teachers use their own experiences as well as the children’s interests, to adapt the preschool curriculum to be unique to each class and student. Our classroom observations and assessments become important tools for the teachers to communicate with parents. We believe these tools help us communicate effectively with the parents of the children.

Early Childhood Education Should Include Play

curriculum-2Learning Wonderland Preschool believes that early childhood education with play allows children to learn about the world and themselves in a much more effective way. As children play, they learn new skills, develop coping mechanisms, test new ideas, and master their bodies. Creative Curriculum® for Preschool provides extensive guidance for teachers in the content areas of literacy, math, science, social skills, and the arts.

Kindergarten Readiness at Learning Wonderland

As children make choices about where to play in the classroom, they are learning a variety of skills. For example, building with blocks promotes material exploration, as well as spatial planning, symbolic representation, dramatic play, and social interactions. In the area of art, teachers emphasize the process rather than the end result. As children use art materials, they are planning and carrying out a task as well as using symbols to represent their ideas.

Our play-based preschool curriculum offers children many opportunities for positive interactions with other children and adults. We shape our curriculum for children needing kindergarten readiness and we treat each child with respect and reinforce his/her value as an individual and as a unique member of the community.

We also provide dancing (tap and ballet) and soccer as healthy extra-curricular activities!

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