1. The Importance Of Playing Outside

    Early Childhood Development Every parent wants to do what is good for their child; this goes without saying, but sometimes it can be a challenge to know what to do, and when to do it. Providing a child with the appropriate activities at the right developmental stage can seem like a full-time job. We are Learning Wonderland Preschool and we are lucky to have it be our full-time job to find the appr…Read More

  2. Early Literacy Skills Basics

    As we covered in a previous blog, that you can read here, at Learning Wonderland Preschool in West Palm Beach, we use the Creative Curriculum as a guide for our early childhood education. We believe in the importance of play in childhood. We firmly believe that free play (though organized to avoid chaos) encourages children’s social and cognitive development, as well as being a powerful player i…Read More