1. Kids and Chores: The Struggle is Real

    Lots of parents joke that they have kids so they can help around the house and mow the lawn. But there are many years to go and battles to wage before you get a teenager who willingly takes up part of the burden of household chores. Getting a child who cheerfully does as they are told takes effort on the parents’ part from the earliest age. In this week’s blog, we’ll look at the topic of age…Read More

  2. Using Creativity & Intentionality to Develop Fine Motor Skills

    The teachers at Learning Wonderland have your child’s well-being at heart when we plan our activities. We use the Creative Curriculum®, and we love this curriculum because of its combination of intentionality and creativity. To learn more about how we combine these two important educational elements at Learning Wonderland Preschool and some ideas for home, keep reading. First, we will look at t…Read More

  3. Children Learn from Playing

    Welcome back to the blog of Learning Wonderland Preschool! We are a high-quality education-centered preschool in West Palm Beach. We accept children from 12 months to four years old and offer a pre-Kindergarten and after-school care for children from five to 10 years old. This week we are going to take a close look at our curriculum. This is a topic we are sure to return to many times since it is …Read More